By kimot, 23 December, 2022
BRMS - Media Class Attributes
WRKCLSBRM   / Work with Media Classes
Field       Type       Length  Text
MTDAT       NUMERIC         6  Date Stamp    
MTTIM       NUMERIC         6  Time Stamp
MTJOB       CHARACTER      10  Job Name    
MTUSER      CHARACTER      10  Last User ID
MTJNBR      NUMERIC         6  Job Number
MTNAME      CHARACTER      10  Media Class
MTTEXT      CHARACTER      50  Description of Media    
MTPRTF      CHARACTER       1  Print Format    
MTMFG       CHARACTER      20  Manufacturer    
MTMPN       CHARACTER      12  Manufacturer Part No.    
MTCPN       CHARACTER      12  Compatible Part No.    
MTBITS      CHARACTER      10  Density    
MTCPTY      DECIMAL       7/2  Media Capacity 
MTCUNM      CHARACTER       1  Capacity Unit of Measure    
MTLIFE      DECIMAL         5  Media Shelf Life in Days
MTUSTH      DECIMAL         5  Media Usage Threshold
MTRDTH      DECIMAL         9  Media Read Threshold
MTWRTH      DECIMAL         9  Media Write Threshold
MTRETH      DECIMAL         9  Media Read Error Tthreshold
MTWETH      DECIMAL         9  Media Write Error Threshold
MTCLN       DECIMAL         3  Cleaning Frequency in Uses
MTSUPL      CHARACTER      20  Media Supplier
MTCONT      CHARACTER      20  Media Supplier Rep.
MTSPHO      CHARACTER      26  Supplier Phone No.
MTRORD      DECIMAL         5  Media Reorder Point
MTUBC       DECIMAL         9  Uses Before Cleaning
MTDEVT      CHARACTER       4  Write Once Media
MTLBL       CHARACTER       1  Mark for Label Print
MTOUTQ      CHARACTER      10  Label Outq
MTOUTL      CHARACTER      10  Outq Library
MTSHRD      CHARACTER       4  Shared Media
MTUKEY      CHARACTER      10  User Key
MTTEXTUNI   GRAPHIC       128  Text Unicode
MTMFGUNI    GRAPHIC        48  Manufacturer
MTMPNUNI    GRAPHIC        48  Manufacturer Part No.
MTCPNUNI    GRAPHIC        48  Compatible Part No.
MTSUPLUNI   GRAPHIC        48  Media Supplier
MTCONTUNI   GRAPHIC        48  Supplier Representitive
MTSPHOUNI   GRAPHIC        48  Supplier Phone Number
MTEMAIL     GRAPHIC        48  Supplier email address 
MTINZEXP    CHARACTER       4  Initialize on Expire