By kimot, 23 December, 2022
BRMS - Media Policy Attributes
WRKPCYBRM TYPE(*MED)    / Work with Media Policies
Field       Type       Length  Text
MEDAT       NUMERIC         6  Date Stamp
METIM       NUMERIC         6  Time Stamp
MEJOB       CHARACTER      10  Job Name
MEUSER      CHARACTER      10  Last User ID
MEJNBR      NUMERIC         6  Job Number
MEPCY       CHARACTER      10  Media policy
MERET       NUMERIC         6  Media Retention
MERTYP      NUMERIC         1  Retention Type
MEMOVP      CHARACTER      10  Media Move policy
MECPY       NUMERIC         3  Media Number copies
MEMEDT      CHARACTER      10  Media Class
MESAVF      CHARACTER       4  Save to Save Files
MESRET      NUMERIC         6  Media Save File Retention
MESRTP      NUMERIC         1  Retention Type
MESOFF      CHARACTER       6  Move Save Files Offline
MESASP      NUMERIC         2  Media Save File ASP
MEVSEC      CHARACTER       4  Secure Volume
MELOC       CHARACTER      10  Storage Location
METEXT      CHARACTER      50  Media Policy Description
METASP      NUMERIC         2  Threshold For Storage
MEVOLS      NUMERIC         5  Scratch Volumes Needed
MEDUPL      CHARACTER       1  Duplicate Volumes
MEMGTC      CHARACTER      30  ADSM Management Class
MENODE      CHARACTER      17  ADSM Node
MELOC1      CHARACTER      10  Storage Location
MELOC2      CHARACTER      10  Storage Location
MELOC3      CHARACTER      10  Storage Location
MEUKEY      CHARACTER      10  User Key
METEXTUNI   GRAPHIC       128  Text Unicode
MEDUPITM    CHARACTER       1  Duplicate Saved Items
MEVERDLT    CHARACTER       8  Deleted Library Retention
MEENCRYPT   CHARACTER       1  Encrypt
MEKYSTFIL   CHARACTER      10  Key Store File
MEKYSTLIB   CHARACTER      10  Key Store Library
MEKYSTRLB   CHARACTER      32  Key Record Label
MEENCFMT    CHARACTER      10  Encryption Algorithm Format
METSIZ      CHARACTER       7  TSM Transfer size
MEDIDEV1    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate Input Dev 1
MEDIDEV2    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate Input Dev 2
MEDIDEV3    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate Input Dev 3
MEDIDEV4    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate Input Dev 4
MEDIEND     CHARACTER       7  Input End of Media Option
MEDODEV1    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate Output Dev 1
MEDODEV2    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate Output Dev 2
MEDODEV3    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate Output Dev 3
MEDODEV4    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate Output Dev 4
MEDOEND     CHARACTER       7  Output End of Tape Option
MEDMEPCY    CHARACTER      10  Duplicate To Media Policy
MEDMEDI     CHARACTER       7  Auto Dup Save Media Info